About EBCbridges

English language Business Consulting is your bridge to Successful Business Communications in English Language Markets. 

EBC Bridges offers Business professionals a unique and higher level of ESL Consulting 

and language lessons from experienced Corporate Marketing and Communications Experts. 

EBC is for people who have taken classes from ESL teachers and speak intermediate to advanced English. 

It’s also for individuals who function well in a professional English speaking environment or a business attempting to reach 

English language markets. 


You need a person who is able to relate to your corporate environment and needs as an equal 

ESL- We offer personal sessions for natural conversation, common phrases and idioms with a business focus. 

Understand what your co-workers and partners are saying and communicate more naturally and with greater clarity. 


Consultation, copyediting and proofreading, for Written Materials 

(Marketing, Proposals, Advertising, Media Communications, Press Releases) 

Analysis of your Business Materials and Marketing Plans. 

Are your written materials and emails ‘lost in translation’? 

EBC provides experienced advice and editing for all written communications, proposals, presentations, 

advertising materials and web content, corporate and media communications, 

branding for English speaking markets, résumés, CV’s, and cover letters. 

A Marketing and Communications professional helps determine what works successfully 

and what does not ‘translate well’ from your language to the English speaking world markets. 

We use Best Business Practices and understand current trends in 

English speaking markets with the language of choice for most international businesses. 


Owner Profile

IMG_4188editwebEve Bollin:

Ms. Bollin has worked with many major automotive brands and marketing companies. Her most recent corporate position was Marketing Manager with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America.   

Her experience includes Corporate Partnerships, Communications & Public Relations and Franchise Development in the automotive industry. Professional experience also includes Marketing and Event companies working with DMG China, Volkswagen China, Bentley Motors, Sound Advice & Big House Casting, GM, BMW, Volvo, Ford and Toyota. Ms. Bollin excels at Public Speaking, Communications, Press and Media, Sales Training, CRM, Corporate Partnerships, Branding and Experiential Marketing Events, Excellent Customer Relations and Franchise Support. 

Ms. Bollin believes innovative and informed marketing concepts are best when tailor-made to clients and their brands, rather than repetitive and ordinary practices. 

Other experience includes ESL Tutor and Consultant, Published Copyeditor and Writer, Voice-over for film and commercial television. Clients have included Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, Russian, Persian, Central and South American, Indian and African business individuals. She is well travelled and enjoys the various cultures and business practices of many countries. 

Ms. Bollin lives in the Los Angeles, California area.